Nha Trang


Nha Trang has a variety of distinct communities. Each with their own characteristics.


Find the most amazing places in Nha Trang


Central Nha Trang

Central Nha Trang is the most sought after location by travelers and tourists. This is where most of the main high rise hotels are located as well as the city square known as 2 April Square.


From the tranquil beaches to the exciting theme park to the vast selection of restaurants and shopping areas, Nha Trang has something for everyone

Property Values

Property values in Nha Trang are among the highest in Vietnam. The current global situation, of course, has had a huge effect on valuations and thus you could say Nha Trang is ‘on sale’ at the moment. Your money can really go a long way weather you are planning on renting or buying a property in Nha Trang.


Do you prefer to view the ocean from the beachfront or from a villa’s balcony on the hill? The choice is your here in Nha Trang. There are many different neighborhoods to select from.

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