Central Nha Trang

Central Nha Trang is the most sought after location by travelers and tourists. This is where most of the main high rise hotels are located as well as the city square known as 2 April Square.

Central Nha Trang

Most Prized by Travelers


Nha Trang Square (2/4 Square)

2 April Square is where you will experience the major city celebrations and where many local and tourists gather in the evening to enjoy the community feeling and the various offerings in the square.

Despite the global covid situation, Nha Trang was able to celebrate 2021 in a very festive fashion at 2/4 Square as you can see in the video below.


The major hotels are located in Central Nha Trang including Sharaton, Vincom Plaza, Diamond Bay, Intercontinental and many more.

Property Values

As you might expect, property values and rental rates are among the highest in Central Nha Trang.


While the sea side features mostly high rise hotels, as you go inland you will find more hotels of various sizes and ratings along with many shops, services and residential areas.

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